Acoustics Matter

Poor acoustics can be detrimental to the functionality of a space through a compromised listening experience, ineffective communication, difficulty with concentration, occupational stress, health issues, and ultimately a diminished experience at work, leisure, education, entertainment and in healthcare.

In contrast, every building has the potential to foster good health, promote wellness, increase capacity to work and ultimately enhance the user’s experiences.

Architects want to deliver buildings that provide lasting value to their users, with an increased emphasis on how a building is experienced, rather than just on how it looks. This experiential approach combined with new regulations has seen acoustics become recognised as a critical functional consideration in architecture. Woodfit have delivered on high end acoustic projects across multiple sectors. View a selection below:

At Woodfit, we’ve been delivering innovative solutions to acoustic challenges for over 15 years and have enhanced the experience of countless spaces. We are committed to continuing this innovation into the future and look forward to working with you!