Melamine Faced MDF is a product which can be found almost everywhere in our day to day life, in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and shops. In fact, melamine faced materials are used in practically everywhere around us.

It can be supplied in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures, including popular wood-grain appearance and with today’s digital technologies that enable paper manufacturers to use sophisticated techniques to give us melamine surface that looks and feels like solid-wood, timbers, Metals, Wood veneers, Laminates and hand painted finishes. More info



The DECKMETAL woven mesh ceiling panels are available in standard sheets of 600x600mm.They are removable and the different perforations give different textures and appearance. The shapes of the plates give them great strength and edge support. The degree of perforation varies between 45% and 55%.They are available in galvanized steel and aluminium.

The degree of transparency of the plates promotes sound absorption by placing square panels of rock wool on the inside, with optional black or white veil. The sound absorption coefficient and Sabine coefficient for a given frequency is the relationship between energy absorbed and energy incident on a surface. This value ranges between 0 and 1. More info